FLSI Delivers Pump Testing and Maintenance Services to You

FLSI takes the guesswork out of pump testing your apparatus. Our factory-certified technicians can bring all the equipment to pump test your truck at your station. You need only to furnish enough water to fill the port-a-tank (500 to 2,000 gallons). We do the rest.


To schedule repair services, call us at (800) 289-3574; (989) 695-6633; or email us at experts@flsi.net. To learn more about our pump testing services, click here.

Tips From the Front Line

Suction screens are an important defense for your fire pump. They greatly reduce the chance of foreign objects going through the pump and causing damage. FLSI recommends checking your suction screen frequently (weekly or monthly depending on call volume). Suction screens are just one of the many items inspected when FLSI is called in for pump maintenance and testing. To learn more, please email experts@FLSI.net.


For more information, call FLSI at 800-289-FLSI (3574).