FLSI Offers Deals on our Protective Interceptor Package™

FLSI is offering a special Interceptor Package for Premier Personal Protection Equipment that provides maximum protection at a minimal price.


This innovative, custom-built FireDex equipment combats both the No. 1 (heat stress and cardiac fatigue) and No. 2 (cancer) causes of firefighting-related deaths.


Under this special, when you buy our custom-built FXR clothing, you can add the top-of-the-line TecGen and an Interceptor Hood for $499. That saves you almost 50% off retail prices!


At any price, you can count on FLSI and Fire Dex.


You have to try FXR Gear on to experience the difference – the fit and comfort are unparalleled.  Couple that with being able to have Fire Dex custom build your clothing to your exact specifications to fulfill your wants and budget. Choose from a variety of fabrics and options to make sure the end product provides exactly what you need.


Fire Dex’s TecGen is the only dual-certified clothing for Technical Rescue and Wildland Firefighting. We offer options at a variety of price points to meet your unique needs. However, the Interceptor Package includes the top of the line TecGen specification.


The Interceptor Hood is designed to prevent carcinogen contamination. The hood protects firefighters by blocking 98% of smoke particulates without interfering with breathability and thermal protection.


When safety and comfort matter, you need top-quality FXR Gear from Fire Dex and FLSI.


For more information, click this link: 2017 Interceptor Package