Ramp Up Safety with Backup Cameras & Foam Systems

When Safety Matters, Put Your Trust in Front Line Services Inc.

Our customizable system of backup cameras thrives in the demanding environments where you work.

Our infrared night vision cameras include a built-in microphone. You’ll appreciate the 18 infrared emitters that reach 45 feet and provide a 120-degree view. For even more safety, we offer 4 camera inputs for front, rear, left, and right cameras. The picture on our 7-inch LED-backlit LCD panel can be adjusted for normal or mirror view. We offer built-in speakers and removable sun shield.

We get you back on the road fast too. Typically, it only takes 1 day in our shop to fit your truck with these safety features.

Automated Foam System Lets You Focus on Fighting the Fire

Nothing matches the ease and power of the ONE STEP™ CAFSystem. The 150-OS incorporates a powerful air compressor system and compact foam generator, making foam faster and mistake-free.

The simple, automated process includes a pre-set flow rate and pre-set pressure for water and air. That means less effort on adjusting the flow and more effort on extinguishing the fire.

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