Tips From the Front Line: Air Dryer Service

With cold weather approaching, let’s talk about an often neglected but very important item on your fire truck – the air dryer.


Your truck produces large volumes of air to quickly and safely stop. Air also supplies some accessory devices. All of this air passes through a dryer before going to the storage tanks.


When running in the hot, humid summer months, the moist air can saturate the desiccant in the dryer causing moisture to reach the air tanks. This moisture condenses in the storage tanks. Condensation can cause the brakes to freeze in the winter when the truck is on an emergency scene for an extended period of time. When the brakes freeze, the truck is immobile.


To avoid this problem, FLSI recommends annual service on your air dryers. This consists of servicing the desiccant and, for all older style non-spin desiccant dryers, we use factory remanufactured units. These units have been factory cleaned, rebuilt, and tested prior to installation to ensure trouble-free operation.


For more information on air dryer or our other maintenance services, please contact us at or call (800) 289-3574.