Featured Delivery: Ionia Department of Public Safety

  FLSI is proud to be involved with the Ionia, Michigan 101 Foot Cobra Platform. This unique truck is loaded with features including the Aerial Command Seat (with single joystick control), Elevated Safe Scene Pump Panel, and Remote Aerial Control. Rosenbauer factory personnel are taking this truck on a demonstration tour throughout the country, wowing every department she visits. Click … Read More

Featured Delivery: Fenton Township Fire Department

Fenton Township Fire Department recently took delivery of three Rosenbauer Mini Rescues. Two of the new trucks are twins, which will serve the community as Rescue Units. The third is a Utility Truck, which will be used for general purposes. Each of the 3 trucks has plenty of storage, lighting, and maneuverability. These trucks will be in service for many … Read More