Tips from the Front Line: Drain Your Truck’s Air Tanks Periodically

As we have discussed in the past, it is important to service your vehicle’s air dryers to prevent excessive moisture buildup. It is also a good idea to periodically drain the air tanks of any moisture that may have accumulated. Trucks generally have between two and four air tanks. There are three types of drains: automatic (may or may not … Read More

Featured Delivery: Ionia Department of Public Safety

  FLSI is proud to be involved with the Ionia, Michigan 101 Foot Cobra Platform. This unique truck is loaded with features including the Aerial Command Seat (with single joystick control), Elevated Safe Scene Pump Panel, and Remote Aerial Control. Rosenbauer factory personnel are taking this truck on a demonstration tour throughout the country, wowing every department she visits. Click … Read More

Tips from the Front Line: Hydraulic Generator Operations in the Winter

It is recommended that all hydraulic generators be turned on while the fluid is above 40 degrees. In colder weather, daylight responses can quickly extend into dark; to ensure your generator is ready when called upon, it is advised that it be turned on when leaving the station to allow the fluid to start circulating. Like an engine, once the … Read More

Rosenbauer NH Series Fire Pump

Miss the days of the high-pressure pumps that allow your water to go further in fighting fire? Rosenbauer makes their own fire pump that combines standard pressure and/or high pressure in a single pump with a single drive system! While pumping standard pressure (that you determine) to the speedlays, crosslays, deck gun, etc, with a simple flip of a switch, … Read More

Cold Weather Equipment is in Stock

When the leaves turn brilliant colors, it’s time for emergency responders to evaluate boots, gloves, and hoods to make sure everything is ready for the harsh, winter weather. FLSI features Fire-Dex™, the leading manufacturer of protective clothing. We have a large selection of items in stock. We can special order whatever you need. Call us at 800-289-FLSI (3574) today to be sure you … Read More

FLSI Expansion Update

We are wrapping up the enclosure of our new addition just in time for the cold weather!  

Featured Delivery: Billings Township Fire Department

If your department needs a rescue that can do it all, check out this beauty! Featuring our Rosenbauer Smart Cab, this truck has the tools for just about any emergency scene.  With options such as a coffin compartment, an LED light tower, Cascade System with containment and custom mounting brackets you would think this truck would be a budget breaker … Read More

Tips From the Front Line: Air Dryer Service

With the colder weather approaching, now is the time to ensure your air dryers have been serviced per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Most recommend performing this service annually. In the event of excessive moisture in your air system, truck brake systems can freeze up after an extended period of time at a call in freezing temps. FLSI performs annual air dryer … Read More

Tips from the Front Line: Truck Organization

Tired of tossing your equipment in an unorganized compartment? Let FLSI help!   We can organize your equipment (from just one compartment or all the compartments) and provide custom installation including brackets to keep everything readily accessible when you need it. We can also wire your rechargeable items so they are ready to serve you when your FD is called … Read More