Interspiro Gear

Interspiro has 90 years of experience as a groundbreaking innovator of respiratory protection for non-breathable environments. Interspiro provides products to fire and rescue services, defense military organizations, industries and more around the world. It is part of the Ocenco Group, which is one of the largest respiratory protection companies in the world. Interspiro applies its experience in these other industries to improve the safety of firefighters.

Trust Interspiro, the premium innovator and manufacturer of respiratory products for firefighting, diving and working in hazardous environments.

The Spiromatic S8 is the latest NIOSH and NFPA approved SCBA from Interspiro.

  • Wireless Heads Up Display – we can configure a user name or ID for each one should you choose
  • Comfortable Harness – Engineered by a backpack designed for maximum comfort and reduced fatigue
  • Adjustable Harness Height – Easy adjustment for different body size
  • Large Rescue Handle – Easy to grab and drag out a fire fighter in an emergency
  • Ambient Air Hatch – breathe room air WITHOUT removing your breathing valve from your mask
  • S Style Mask – Wide field of vision and will not fog
  • Spiro Com (optional) – provides a “Team Talk” intercom with radio broadcast capabilities