Annual Maintenance

Our most popular maintenance packages are Chassis/Vehicle programs, ranging from basic to comprehensive, and Pump programs for all sizes and types of pumps. Additional, we offer programs on Transmissions and Differentials as well as D.O.T. Inspections.

Most of our programs include a checklist that is sent to you after the services are performed. All services are accompanied by the corresponding work order for that vehicle, including any comments and recommendations.

At FLSI, we specialize in maintenance on all types of vehicles and pumps.

Our maintenance programs were designed based on many criteria:

  • National Firefighter Protection Association (NFPA) Manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Customer feedback
  • Items we have found to be potential issues that should be periodically inspected and addressed

For more information on the scheduling process or to learn more, please see the FAQs. To schedule a maintenance appointment, call us at (800) 289-3574, (989) 695-6633 or email us at

At FLSI, our goal is to be the best. We pride ourselves on the workmanship and service we provide to our customers.