At FLSI, we take truck building seriously. This piece of lifesaving equipment will be in service for many years. Building a relationship with you is as important as building the truck itself. We strive to make the entire process as smooth as possible. Your satisfaction is our focus.

From research on the front side, to construction details, inspections and service after the sale, make Front Line Services your dealer of choice.

We don’t rest until your vehicle is the best it can be.

  • Getting to Know You

    The process starts with a meeting at your department. We listen to your needs and ask questions that help define the best truck for your department.

    After the initial meeting, we customize a set of truck specifications, detailing every aspect of the truck. Chassis preference, warning lights, body construction, body material type, and more, are all specified so you end up with the truck you defined in your initial meeting. Determining all these details can be a daunting task. At FLSI, we have the expertise and experience to ease the process.

  • Focus on Your Needs

    Most municipalities go out for bid for their new fire truck; this is why the specification step is so very important. Pricing can vary by many thousands of dollars. If you want a feature on the truck and it is not clearly spelled out in the spec, a truck builder will not price it into the truck.

    After the bids come in, it is important to examine the specifications of each bid to ensure every detail you requested is captured. Front Line can help with this review.

  • Buying Process

    Most municipalities go out for bid for their new fire truck; this is why the specification step on the front side and the published spec document are so very important. Many departments know the options they want but don’t know how to specify things like warranties and manufacturer stability. We can help with this! After the bids come in, it is important to examine each one to ensure every detail you requested is provided; Front Line can help with this review to make sure you are getting what you asked for.

  • Pre-Construction

    If Rosenbauer and FLSI are selected, we hold a pre-construction conference with members of your fire department to review every detail – from every light switch to every outlet. This conference can take place at your department or, if specified, takes place at the factory. This meeting is key to making sure the final product meets your expectations and allows an opportunity to make any final changes prior to the construction process. This eliminates cost increases and potential delays for changes made after this meeting.

  • Additional Inspections

    Depending on the complexity of the truck, an “In Process” or “Final Inspection” trip may be specified by the fire department. As with any factory trip, the sales representative will accompany the fire department on the inspection. For some departments on limited budgets or more basic trucks, these trips can be forgone. However, with all vehicles sold, a representative of FLSI will do a final inspection on the vehicle before the truck ships. If desired, this can be done in conjunction with a video conference. Just like our truck product line, these options are flexible to meet your needs and budget.

  • Delivery

    After the truck arrives at our facility, we will prep it, install any requested equipment as well as letter & stripe it. Then your sales rep will schedule a time to deliver the truck to your fire station. At this time, you need to finalize payment and sign delivery papers. We will also perform a product familiarization on your new vehicle. The familiarization may happen at time of delivery, or at an alternate date that fits your training schedule.