Fire-Dex® Clothing:
Protection for the Heat of the Battle


Fire-Dex’s innovative leather boots combine the protection you demand with the comfort of an athletic shoe. You will be able to work in these boots all day without any foot pain.

For those that prefer a traditional boot, Fire-Dex also manufactures rubber boots that have a shoe fit.

Both leather boots and rubber boots are in stock at FLSI for quick delivery.

Schedule your turnout gear demo to see the Fire-Dex difference! Call us at (800) 289-3574 or e-mail to find out more about how FLSI and Fire-Dex can help make your department safer and more effective.

Turnout Gear

Our top of the line is the FX-R gear, a premier cut that features designs to minimize stress and fatigue. Utilizing innovations from extreme sports clothing designers, the FX-R provides comfort and safety that is second to none. The FX-R motto – “Fight the Fire, don’t Fight your Gear.”

Additionally, there is the FX-A and FX-M styles that offer a more traditional cut but with many available Comfort options.

All models of gear are available in range of coat lengths and pant rises, there is a combination to meet everyone’s preferences. All gear is custom, so we will fit each person for the best possible product and comfort.

If you’re having trouble tracking your turnout gear inventory and dates, try Fire Dex’s free Gear Tracker.

FLSI is a proud distributor of Fire-Dex protective gear, including turnout gear, boots, helmets, gloves, hoods, coveralls and jumpsuits.