Tips From the Front Line: It’s Time for Spring Cleaning

In case you missed your spring cleaning, FLSI reminds you to take care of the following tasks:

Heat shields can be removed should you desire. (Not Mandatory)

* Check your pump heater and cab heater valves. Many trucks have valves for both the pump heater and the cab coolant. If they were on for the winter, they need to be shut off now so the coolant doesn’t circulate trying to heat the cab. This will impact the effectiveness of the air conditioning. On custom cabs, the valves are usually behind the engine once the cab is tilted (see photo). On a commercial chassis, they are usually on the passenger side of the engine.

* If you run “dry pumps” during the winter, you can now leave pumps wet. However, should you find water on the floor, the packing may be in need of adjustment.

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