Automatic Heated Wiper Blades

Ever have poor visibility due to ineffective wipers that have ice build-up? Look no further! FLSI is now offering heated wiper blades. (We are in our second season using on our own vehicles!) For all makes and models of fire trucks, SUV’s and passenger vehicles, this kit comes with the Control Module and 2 wiper arms. The wipers turn on … Read More

Featured Delivery: Standish Area Fire Department

Check out this mini pumper that looks like a rescue! With an enclosed pump panel, extensive cabinet space and four-wheel drive, there isn’t much that this truck cant do! This pumper can be customized with a 300-gallon tank and a 1250 pump if desired. For more photos, visit our Delivered Trucks page. Call FLSI at 800-289-FLSI to help you design … Read More

Tips From the Front Line: It’s Time for Spring Cleaning

In case you missed your spring cleaning, FLSI reminds you to take care of the following tasks: Heat shields can be removed should you desire. (Not Mandatory) * Check your pump heater and cab heater valves. Many trucks have valves for both the pump heater and the cab coolant. If they were on for the winter, they need to be … Read More

Protective Clothing is in Stock

It’s time for emergency responders to evaluate boots, gloves, and hoods to make sure everything is in good shape after the harsh, winter weather. FLSI features Fire-Dex™, the leading manufacturer of protective clothing. We have a large selection of items in stock. We can special order whatever you need.

Tips From the Front Line: Pick-Up & Delivery Service

Need service work done on your vehicle but find it difficult to transport your truck to and from our shop in Freeland? We can help! FLSI now offers pick-up and delivery service for in-shop work. The service is available for a nominal fee. Call FLSI at (989) 695-6633 or email us at to learn more and schedule your next service appointment.

Featured Delivery: Burtchville Township Tanker

This tanker packs a whole lot of action in a small profile! The truck stretches just a little over 29 feet from bumper to tailboard. It holds 3,000 gallons of water, a pump with a covered pump panel, ladders, a portable tank, and a dump valve. It uses a Freightliner 2 door chassis. (If you like this tanker, but want a … Read More

Need a Calendar?

Let us know if you don’t have a 2019 calendar yet. We’d love to send you one!

Tips from the Front Line: Battery Replacement

Fire apparatus are electrical dependent – meaning the batteries should always be in top shape to perform when needed. Full-size trucks require between 2 and 6 batteries. Fire departments should maintain a trickle charger and use a regular replacement schedule. We recommend replacing your batteries every 3 to 5 years. Battery replacement is one more service that FLSI offers in our … Read More

Your Next Badge Design Starts at FLSI

Looking for a new badge style for your department? Blackinton features an online Design-A-Badge program that allows you to see what it will look like prior to ordering. Click here to try the program for yourself on our website. If you need a price estimate, use the link to start creating your badge. We will be notified via email and … Read More